Bar Mitzvah Preparation and Tutoring by Rabbi Michael Sommer

An inspired resource for your Life Cycle Events

No B’nai Mitzvah are identical, and they shouldn’t be. Rabbi Sommer will work closely with your family and your son or daughter to create a memorable and meaningful experience for all.Josh_BarMitzvah

Drawing on his vast knowledge and experience with Hebrew learners of all abilities and skill levels, Rabbi Sommer helps your child build confidence and develop strength & skills in reading and chanting Hebrew. He also works with your child so that they understand the meaning of the prayers and their Torah portion for their big day. Personal tutoring available on an hourly basis. He is able to accommodate special needs and learning challenges.

Officiating Only: $1800 to officiate, provide a Torah scroll, bring prayer books and meet with your family 3-4 times to get to know your son or daughter and help write their speech.

Private Tutoring: $100 an hour for weekly in home tutoring. Estimate $4000-5000 depending on 40 weeks to 50 weeks of tutoring based on your child’s needs.

Preparation for B’nai Mitzvah is time consuming and expensive. This is where affiliation with a congregation close to you has its benefits.  Membership contributions are tax deductible, membership comes with High Holy Day tickets and a community to become part of. Often B’nai Mitzvah preparation fees are less than private tutoring fees.
The issues you will run into is that you will need to be members for at least two years and you may have challenges getting the date you want in larger congregations. The connection to a community and the tax deduction are two factors that may save you money creating a family experience you will all remember for a lifetime.


Because of the time commitment involved, Rabbi Sommer only works with a limited number of bar/bat mitzvah students at one time. Please call to schedule a first meeting.



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