Funeral and end of life pastoral services by Rabbi Michael Sommer

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Funeral Services and End-of-Life Pastoral Care

We all know life ends. This doesn’t make it easier on any of us when the time comes for someone we love.
When requested, Rabbi Sommer will counsel families and meet with individuals approaching the end of life, offering solace and comfort.

Some families want assistance in organizing Jewispattern autumn leavesh funeral arrangements and Rabbi Sommer can officiate at chapel or graveside services.  He has worked with many of the most respected Jewish funeral homes in Chicago and the North Shore over the last seven years.

At these difficult emotional times, Rabbi Sommer offers Jewish wisdom, personal kindness and tries to help everyone in the situation ease their burdens.

A Testimonial:
Dear Rabbi Sommer,

There are no words to show my appreciation for your support, compassion and kindness during such a difficult time for my family.  When my dad was sick I knew he was in need of some counsel and when I suggested he meet with you and he said “yes” I knew it was a great match.  It brought me great comfort knowing he had you to talk to- not just the religious aspect but the spiritful connection you shared.  You did a beautiful job at his funeral giving everyone the story of his life from who he was: a husband, father, grandfather, friend and doctor to many.

I look forward to spending more time with you and exploring my Jewish heritage.

With much love and gratitude,

Nancy Multack

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